Conditions for participation, Repertoire

Competition terms and Repertoire


The 9th International Telemann-Competition 2017 is held for voice. The competition is open to the public and will take place from 10-19 March 2017 in Magdeburg. Singers of every nationality who were born after 10 March 1982 and before 10 March 1999 may participate.
During the competition the organiser will make experienced repetiteurs available for accompaniment (harpsichord players 1st through 3rd round; violin players 2nd and 3rd round; Leipziger Barockorchester 3rd round). Naturally it is possible to bring accompanists along at your own expense.

The pitch is a1 = 415 Hertz.

The competition will make rehearsal rooms available to the participants. A rehearsal time as well as a warm up time with the accompanists right before the performance is ensured.
The organizers reserve the right to make audio and visual recordings of all events connected with the competition and to use these in connection with the competition. Recordings by the participants or on their behalf are not permitted.
Works to be prepared include those by Georg Philipp Telemann indicated in the repertoire lists of the 9th International Telemann Competition. These repertoire lists are binding and may be accessed at www.telemann.orgor requested from the competition office.
Stylistically idiomatic embellishment of the repeats is expected. Transposition is allowed only for songs resp. odes (the transposed scores are to be brought along). It is required to sing the following pieces by heart: in the 1st round A and C, in the 2nd round B, and in the 3rd round B and C.
The selection of the pieces is binding. The sequence of pieces within a round will be determined by the candidates. Deviations are unwelcome. 

The repertoire list is available for download here.

Should you encounter difficulties in acquiring your selected repertoires, please do not hesitateto contact the competition headoffice.



Please note:

The German text of this announcement is legally binding. The jury´s decisions are in every case legally incontestable. By applying, each participant accepts the aforementioned competition terms. The use of the male form is expressly to be understood as gender‐neutral.

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