ANNOUNCEMENT (Revision: January 4, 2021)

The 11th International Telemann Competition 2021 invites applicants for historical woodwind instruments (recorder, baroque flute and baroque oboe) and basso continuo. The competition is open to the public. Due to the current COVID-19 situation the 11th International Telemann Competition has been postponed. It will now take place from August 29 to September 4, 2021.

The competition is open to instrumentalists for whom historically oriented performance practice serves as the fundamental basis for their musical interpretations.  Musicians who were born after 6 March 1986 and before 6 March 2003 may participate.

In the spirit of facilitating chamber music‐making, the organizers particularly encourage soloists to bring along their own harpsichordist or basso continuo group at their own expense. These are to be named on the application form. If required, the competition office will make an accomplished harpsichord player available, on payment of a fee of €25.00 per round. This fee must be paid in cash before each round.

For the third and final round, a renowned ensemble will be made available by the organization at its own expense. Participants will have ample rehearsal times with accompanists. Practice rooms are provided free of charge.

Only those instruments are permitted for which Telemann has composed chamber music (excluding, e.g. voice flutes and other small or large recorders, piccolo flutes, cornetto, trombone, etc). Each candidate must perform on a historical instrument (at the latest from the 18th century) or on a copy thereof. The organizers and jury reserve the right to conduct an examination.

Works to be prepared are those by Georg Philipp Telemann and his contemporaries indicated in the repertoire lists of the 11th International Telemann Competition. These repertoire lists are binding and may be accessed at or requested from the competition office. All compositions are to be performed in either their original scorings or in alternative scorings suggested by the composer, and from an urtext.

The following time limits are binding for the individual rounds:
1st round: 15 minutes*
2nd round: 20 minutes*
3rd round (final): 30 minutes

*the specified times include setup, tuning, etc. If necessary the works may be performed with shortened Da capos and/or without repeats; the Jury reserves the right to curtail performances or to request that individual movements be omitted.

The program to be prepared can therefore have a total time of max. 65 minutes. The pieces chosen by performers must be advised upon registration.

The organizers will provide a two-manual harpsichord. The instrument is tuned to a1 = 415 Hertz, according to Bach-Kellner temperament. Rooms with a tuned harpsichord will be available for prep-aration.

The German version of the announcement text is binding.