Registration must be made in writing by submitting the fully completed application form by Monday, 14 January 2019 (postmarked) at the competition office.

Registration includes:

  • Application form (filled in, with glued on passport photograph and well as signed) DOWNLOAD
  • Competition programs for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds (indicating the exact instrumentation, the sequence of works and movements, as well as the duration of the individual movements and the complete works)
  • Birth certificates (copy) of each member of the ensemble
  • Passport or personal identification (copy) of each member of the ensemble
  • Artistic CV of each member of the ensemble and proof of musical education (matriculation certificate or copy of the diploma)
  • Artistic biography of the ensemble (detailed) and letter of reference of a conservatory teacher
  • 1 glossy color photo of the ensemble (3.5” x 5.1”, 300 dpi or higher)

Please send the documents as follows:

  • by post: Application form,
  • by e-mail: Competition programs for all three rounds, scan of the birth certificates, passport or personal identification, proof of musical education, letter of reference of a conservatory teacher, artistic biography of the ensemble and of each member and 1 glossy color photo of the ensemble.

Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

The decision to admit an ensemble to the competition is made by the competition management chaired by the competition president. A change in the order of the competition programs can only be justified in exceptional cases and in consultation with the competition management.

The respective contact persons of the ensembles will be notified in writing by Friday, 25 January 2019. Upon receipt of the registration notice and payment of the registration fee, the ensemble is entitled to participate in the competition.

The registration fee of EUR 100.00 for EACH ensemble member must be paid by Friday, 8 February 2019, free of charge for the recipient.



Account holder
Payment reference

Internationale Telemann‐Gesellschaft e.V.
DE68 8105 3272 0031 2518 18
Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg
ITW 2017, Name of Ensemble, Name of participant

If the registration fee for the entire ensemble has not been received by this date, eligibility to participate will expire. The registration fee will not be refunded in the case of withdrawal. If individual members of the ensemble cannot participate in the competition due to force majeure, the competition office must be informed immediately. In the case of a substitute performer engaged by the ensemble, the complete registration documents are to be submitted unsolicitedly and immediately. The competition management reserves the right to decide on the personnel substitution.

Arrival and departure, accommodation and meals are organized and paid for by the participants themselves. 

The decisions of the jury are not contestable in any case, legal recourse is excluded. By registering, each ensemble recognizes the conditions of the competition listed above. 

The German version of the announcement text is binding.

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